• Progeo

    Noir 2.0

    The Noir 2.0 is the only fully made to measure Carbon Fibre wheelchair on the market! This chair features a carbon monocoque frame making it extremely light. This rigid chair will offer a highly active and personal feel to its user, making it an excellent choice and the very pinnacle of contemporary...

  • Progeo

    Joker Energy

    The Joker Energy is a fully tailored version of the Joker, in which the bespoke frame is created to fit the user’s dimensions, therefore ensuring that the Joker Energy is one of the lightest and most dynamic rigid chairs on the market. Although most of the frame is custom welded, the backrest ...

  • Progeo

    Joker R2

    The Joker R2 is one of the lightest and most rigid chairs within the line. It is a special edition of the Joker, with a unique aesthetic hydro formed castor fork arm, the front frame, foot support and rear axle mounts have been modified to enhance its rigidity and lightness. It’s a highly adju...

  • Progeo


    The Duke is a brand new design from Progeo, which features an ultra-lightweight carbon fibre monocoque frame - weighing only 7.8kg with the rear wheels and 5.2kg without – The Duke’s design and performance feels almost like made to measure design, while still remaining highly adjustable....

  • RGK

    Octane Sub4

    Four kilograms. The weight of a new-born baby, a 7-week-old Labrador puppy, and also… the new Octane Sub4. RGK have reinvented the original Octane to be lighter and stronger than ever, by combining their Sub4 technology with a titanium frame. ...

  • RGK

    Tiga Sub4

    The Tiga Sub4 is the lightest wheelchair in the RGK range to date. Because of the  implementation of over 72 technical marginal gain innovations the Sub4 is more lightweight and rigid than the standard Tiga. All the upgrades that have optimised the Sub4's performance are included in the bas...

  • Ti Lite

    AERO Z

    The TiLite Aero Z is an aluminium rigid chair that can be adjusted as and when your needs or skills change. With a bespoke monoframe design tailored to each individual, it is possible to create the experience of a custom fit with a degree of flexability built in.

  • Küschall

    K Series

    The Küschall K-Series is an adjustable rigid wheelchair designed to suit all active users, regardless of their wheelchair skills. Its modular construction allows you to choose from 3 different frame types: aluminium, titanium, and carbon fibre. On top of that, the backrest frame and footrest ca...

  • Sunrise Medical


    The Quickie Helium is one of the lightest adjustable rigid-frame wheelchairs in the world. Thanks to its ovalised aluminium open-frame design, the Helium performs well and is easy to transfer across yourself and into the car. As you would expect from a flagship design, there are plenty of upgrades a...

  • RGK


    The RGK Maxlite has been RGK's flagship made-to-measure titanium wheelchair for years. Relaunched in 2017 to include all of the latest upgrades and innovations from across the RGK range, the Maxlite is a welcome modern revamp of the handcrafted titanium wheelchairs of the past. The Maxlite has a...

  • Ti Lite


    The TiLite ZRA has all the same characteristics as the Aero Z, but with one major difference: the frame of the ZRA is made out of titanium. Because of this, the ZRA is more lightweight and durable than the Aero Z, and easier to propel too. This chair is ideal for the active user learning to do such ...

  • Ottobock


    The Ottobock Ventus is a rigid-frame wheelchair that offers a good level of adjustment. It is ideally suited to an active wheelchair user on a budget, or someone in need of a back-up chair. It performs well compared to some of its more expensive competitors and offers a good degree of flexibility if...

  • Sunrise Medical


    The Quickie Argon² is a rigid-frame wheelchair that accommodates a wide range of users. It is often supplied by NHS Wheelchair Services, due to its versatile design that can be adapted to suit a user’s needs over a longer period of time.

  • RGK


    The RGK Tiga is a rigid chair made out of 7020 ultralight aluminium. This chair is a fusion of RGK's made-to-measure process and the latest technology. It comes in both an open- or closed-frame design and supports a list of accessories that has been proven to cater for a diverse range of clients...

  • Ti Lite

    AERO T

    The TiLite Aero T is a fully adjustable aluminium rigid wheelchair. It has a closed-frame design that helps reduce frame flex, often more noticeable when pushing over uneven surfaces. The Aero T offers plenty of scope to play around with the set-up of the chair as and when your needs change. The clo...

  • RGK


    The RGK Hi-Lite is a custom-built wheelchair made out of 25 mm titanium tubing. Available in either an open- or closed-frame design, the Hi-Lite is a good all-rounder for everyday life. As we've come to expect from RGK, the Hi-Lite performs well and has a host of performance and styling options ...

  • Ti Lite


    The TiLite TRA has all the same characteristics as the Aero T, but with one big difference: the frame of the TRA is made out of titanium, reducing its lifting weight and making it easier to propel. As titanium is also seriously durable, the TRA is able to tolerate those bumps and scrapes of everyday...

  • Ti Lite


    The TiLite TR is a made-to-measure, titanium closed-frame wheelchair with minimal adjustment. It is designed for the active user looking for optimal performance and minimal lifting weight. The extra support tube built into the lower frame minimises flex. Less flex equals greater rolling performance,...

  • Ti Lite


    The TiLite ZR is the lightest model in the TiLite range. Its titanium monoframe offers minimal adjustment, which allows you to optimise the overall performance and fit down to the nearest millimetre. If you know exactly what you need from your chair, then this is sure to be on your shortlist.

  • Panthera


    When it comes to truly lightweight chairs, the Panthera X sits at the top of the tree. Its transport weight is 2.2 kg, the same weight as a large bottle of mineral water. The superlight carbon-fibre frame is 40% lighter than most of its competition and was created with activ...

  • Panthera


    The Panthera S3 is designed to meet the needs of a varied range of users, especially those looking to make the transition into using a rigid wheelchair. Its fixed frame offers a lightweight performance, making it both easy to manoeuvre and lift. A host of innovative, patented accessories maximi...

  • Panthera


    The Panthera U3 is a lightweight adjustable wheelchair with a clean, Nordic look. It has a tapered front and relatively steep footrest angle, resulting in an active driving position. The U3 is easy to lift and push, as the frame only weighs 4.5 kg. Like the rest of the Panthera range, the U3 can be ...

  • Panthera

    U3 Light

    The Panthera U3 Light is an intuitive wheelchair for more experienced active users. Because the rear axle of the U3 Light is bonded into the frame, this chair has a transport weight of only 3.8 kg. It also benefits from a ‘tippy’ setup for maximum manoeuvrability. The U3 Light ...

  • Panthera

    S3 Large

    The Panthera S3 Large is a rigid chair that allows for a maximum user weight of 150 kg. It also supports a seat depth and width of up to 45 cm and 50 cm respectively. This makes it ideally suited for oversized wheelchair users. Despite its size, the S3 Large feels nimble and possesses all the p...

  • Panthera

    S3 Swing

    The Panthera S3 Swing is a versatile everyday chair with a divided, swing-away footrest. Because of its user-friendly locking mechanism, you can effortlessly move one or both footrests aside with your hands or feet. The S3 Swing has a seat angle of 4° to promote correct posture, especially for t...

  • Ki Mobility


    KI Mobility’s innovative new chair the Ethos isolates the lower frame chassis from the seat frame using intelligent Isolation Technology (ISO Tech). Using a choice of polymers based on user weight and personalisation to remove vibrations and dampen the ride. The perfect marriage of style, &nbs...